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What Do I Do If My Brakes Are Squeaking Part 2: The Daily Grind

Part two of a series on brake service explores what to do if your brakes are squealing or in this case, grinding.

What Does it Mean When My Brakes are Grinding?

Let’s say you’re driving along. You come up to a stoplight, and hit your brakes. Then you both hear it and feel it: a distinct grinding sensation. But what does it mean when your brakes are grinding? It means that you need to get your car into a brake repair shop immediately. Why?

Well, brakes have pads on them. Whenever you hit the brake pedal, you’re applying a bit of pressure to your brake pads. When you hear nothing, it means your brake pads are in good condition. When they start to squeal, it means that your pads are wearing out, and when you hear grinding, it means only one thing. You’ve worn your brake pads out, and are grinding into the rotors themselves.

Why You Can’t Wait to Fix Grinding Brakes

With grinding brakes, picture your repair bill. It will get higher and higher until what could have been fixed for a few dollars will cost you hundreds in repair costs. However, there is an even more pressing reason to fix your brakes. If you don’t fix them immediately, you are driving a ticking time bomb. You will hit the brakes at one point, and then you will not have any way of stopping, and then your car will stop in a violent way, namely, you will be in an auto accident.

By the time you’ve gotten to your brakes grinding, you’re already in a bit of trouble with your repair bill. You want to be proactive about your car repair, and make sure you get brake repair at every 30,000 miles or when your brake pads are at a quarter inch or smaller.

This concludes part two of our series. For more information on brake repair, be sure to part one and part three as well.


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