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It may be time to visit an auto repair shop in Queen Creek. And do this soon, before something that everyone hates happens: the check engine light comes on.

My Check Engine Light is On. What Does it Mean?

As indicators go, the check engine light is one of the most annoying ones there is. Unlike when the brake light or the tire light comes on in your car, the check engine light has over five dozen different issues that can affect your vehicle, from things that are actually in the engine, to problems in your power train.

If you are a car owner in Queen Creek, you want to be proactive about your auto repair as much as you can. Why? Well a car repair is a lot cheaper to do when it is scheduled auto service as opposed to when it is major auto repair. Look at brake repair for example.

engine light

Check engine light on? Visit your auto repair shop in Queen Creek


If you need brake repair in Queen Creek, get your car in as soon as you can and save money. The longer you wait, the more your brake repair can cost. Some brake repairs, if the mechanic has to machine the rotors can easily top $1,000. The same holds true for transmission repair.

Transmission repair can be simple. For example changing your transmission fluid costs next to nothing as repairs go and it can be a lot cheaper than major repairs later on. The most important things to look for in an auto repair shop in Queen Creek is the level of expertise they have, plus what parts they offer.

If they offer NAPA parts, you’re at a good auto repair shop. If you don’t know where your parts are coming from, you may want to find another shop instead. You also want to see if any of the mechanics are ASE certified.

ASE certification isn’t just given away, it has to be earned, usually after several hours of study as well as practical field experience. Being an ASE certified auto repair shop in Queen Creek, we know how important it is to only allow people that have the skills to work on your vehicle. The last thing you need is for someone to make your auto repair problem worse than when you pulled into the shop.

So remember, you want to get the best repair you can for your money. Go to a professional auto repair shop in Queen Creek.