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Part two of a three part series on scheduled auto maintenance explores some situations that may require you to get your car in sooner than the timetable in your owner’s manual.

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Scheduled Auto Maintenance: What If You Drive More?

Did you know that just driving around town is actually worse for your car as far as wear and tear than just driving on the freeway? Why? Well, the sudden starts and stops for example. This affects your tires and brakes obviously, but because your engine goes from high revving to low revving and back up to high again, it can affect the performance of your engine. That’s why when you look at your owner’s manual, they don’t just have mileage, they have years as well. For example 50,000 miles or five years.

If the myth of the little old lady who just drove her car to church on Sundays is true, oddly enough, she is more of a candidate for auto repair than someone who drives back and forth across the valley on the freeway at 65 mph.


Trips of 10 miles or more with speeds averaging 50 mph or more are best, just as driving below 95 degrees outside and above freezing. Like you, your car does best in warm, but not hot temperatures. With the additional heat that is present in the Valley from now up until September, your car is under additional stress.

Remember, though, that even though if you are driving more than normal, you have to trust your owner’s manual as authoritative. This will save you a lot on your repair bills each month.

This concludes part three of our series. For more information on scheduled auto maintenance, be sure to read part one and part three as well.