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In part one of our series, we explore oil change myths and facts.

Oil Change Myth Number 1: Motor Oil is All the Same

Oil Change myth

Oil Changes Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

Here’s an oil change myth for you. Motor oil is all the same. This is way off. First off, there is synthetic motor oil and regular petroleum based motor oil. There is motor oil that is better for more cold climates, and there is motor oil that can be used regardless of climate. There is 40 weight oil and 30 weight oil. When you go to buy motor oil, make sure that you check the owner’s manual of your vehicle, or make sure you take your car into an auto mechanic to get your oil change done .

Regardless of the type or weight of oil that you have, all engine oil is a lubricant to keep your engine’s many parts working together. Have you ever wondered what the number is on motor oil, such as SAE 30 or SAE 40? Well, it is the amount of time it takes the oil to flow through a tube measured in seconds. So thirty weight motor oil takes 30 seconds to flow through a tube and forty weight takes forty seconds. So, as you see, not all motor oil is the same. But what about motor oil color?


When your oil turns dark, it is time to change it. Not necessarily. Some oil has detergent present in it to clean the sludge out of your engine. In fact, when it is dark, detergent motor oil is doing what it supposed to, namely lubricating your engine while at the same time cleaning it. When the oil gets too saturated it may be time to change it, however, it isn’t the color of the oil that determines when you need to get an oil change done. The final word is the recommendation of the manufacturer.

So as you see, oil changes are both simple and complex. Do you need to do them? Of course, however, it is based on other factors than just mileage and oil color. When it is time, get your car in for its oil change.

These are just some of the myths that are out there about oil changes. For more information on this subject, be sure to read part two and part three as well.


Oil Changes