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There are a lot of myths about brake repair. This article will cover these misconceptions and clear them up.

Brake Repair in Queen Creek

Topping Off Low Brake Fluid is a Good Idea

In our last article, we covered myths about oil changes, with that in mind, let’s go over brakes. Topping off low brake fluid is a good idea. Wrong! When your brake fluid starts to get low, get your brakes fixed fast. And there is a very good reason why you have to. In older cars, when brake fluid got low, you could put in a little more brake fluid and it would be fine, however, in modern cars, namely anything made in the past fifteen years or so, when your brake pads start to wear out, there is a sensor present in your car that automatically stars releasing brake fluid. The reason for this is that it is your first warning. The next warning is when your brakes start to squeak.


I can ignore it for a while when my brakes squeak. This is not even remotely close. When your brakes start to squeak that means that the brake pads are almost worn out, and the studs underneath are starting to scratch the drums. Why does this matter? Well, for one thing, soon your brakes won’t squeak they will start to grind. On the subject of brakes squeaking, if you take your car to an auto repair shop and they don’t fix your brakes when you ask them to, particularly if the brakes are squeaking, take your car to another mechanic. Why? Well, this next myth is partially true. Some shady mechanics pull this trick. They won’t work on your brakes when they start to squeak and send you on your way with some remark about “all brakes squeak a bit.” Guess what? This is a scam. What happens, is that the squeaking gets worse, and lo and behold you take your car in and the mechanic then tells you that what was once a $200 brake job, now costs $800-1000. That way they get more money, and you are stuck having to pay for it. Here is our last myth: You only have to do brake repair if your brakes are making noise.

Wrong. If your brakes are showing a lack of stopping power, or on the other hand if they’re stopping too well, then there is a problem somewhere in your brake lines. So remember, at the first sign of trouble, don’t procrastinate. Get your car into a brake repair shop immediately.

For more myths about brake repair, be sure to read part two of this article series as well.


Brake Repair