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No one likes to think about emergency auto repair. However, it does become necessary and sometimes, all too soon.

Get auto repair in Mesa

Why Do Cars Break Down?

Why do cars break down? Well, consider if you will, your car’s engine is a very active place. Even if you have an electric car, your car’s engine has moving parts that in time begin to wear out. In a normal internal combustion engine, your car’s engine is the hottest place of your car. In addition, you have moving parts, and over time, they begin to wear down.

Modern engines are very complex, and as such, all it takes is one component to go bad in some cases to cause a big problem. Look at your auto transmission for example. With dozens of gears all rapidly turning, it can be one of the most vulnerable components for a breakdown. But what about if you maintain your vehicle regularly?


Even if you follow the owner’s manual of your car faithfully, sooner or later you’re going to slip. Or maybe you are in the right, but when your car was manufactured there was a defective part put in. All of these things and even simple wear and tear can cause problems with your car’s engine to act up and as such ultimately lead to a trip to the shop. Even though you may not like going to the shop, it is imperative you do at the first sign of trouble. A lot of people think that their car can wait, and it is often given too low of a priority. As a result, what starts as an easy auto repair ends up being a complex and expensive one instead. Take a look at your car. Like your body, it is a collection of systems. Your exhaust system is different than your electrical system. Your power train is different than your tires or your brakes. And taking the body analogy a step further, you hopefully go see a doctor when you’re having problems with something with your body. So why should you skip a mechanic when your car is acting up. After all if you live here, you need a car. Public transit won’t cut it, and in this heat, do you really want to wait for a bus or a light rail?

Your car is your freedom. So stay free in the best way you can. Get your car in for emergency auto repair in Mesa.


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