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Part two of our series on auto repair in Mesa explores why you have to make sure that you take care of your tires this time of year.


Get New Tires in Mesa

Auto Repair in Mesa and Your Tires

Unless you have your car stored in an air-conditioned garage somewhere, odds are, your car will be sitting in either a warm parking garage, or a hot parking lot sooner or later. If you’re parked in a parking garage, you’re lucky. You don’t have as much to worry about, but even so you need to be aware of one key thing about living in Arizona: hot temperatures are bad for your tires.

In our last article, we covered the effect that high summer temperatures have on car batteries, however, this also holds true for tires as well. In fact temperature extremes at both ends of the spectrum are bad for your car tires. Cold temperatures can cause your car tires to contract, though obviously that’s not as much of a problem at this time of year! When you’re parked on a hot concrete surface like a parking lot, your car’s tires will expand and contract as the temperature increases and decreases throughout the day. As a result, this puts strain on your tire sidewalls, until if you’re not careful, you can ultimately blow out a tire. Your tires are under a lot more stress this time of year. So here is something that you can do on your own. Make sure that you keep your tires inflated to the recommended PSI that’s in the owner’s manual of your car. And it isn’t as if this is that expensive to do. A tire gauge will often run you $1.00, and some gas stations even have free air, or air as low as .25. This is nothing to what it can cost you to replace your tire. A new tire can be anywhere from $60 all the way up to $300, depending on the size and type. There is another reason you want to make sure your tires are properly inflated: to save yourself some gas money.


If your tires aren’t inflated properly, you will find yourself paying more at the pump. Under-inflated tires are one of the causes of lower gas mileage. Right now, gas is running about $3.50 a gallon here in Arizona, and $4.50 a gallon in California. So you want to make sure you keep your tire pressure up at the recommended PSI to make sure that you get the best mileage for your vehicle.

So don’t forget. If you think it is hot, think about the effect the heat has on your car, and make sure that you call a tire shop in Mesa to rotate your tires and check your tread.

For more information on your car and the summer heat, be sure to read part one and part three as well