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Auto Repair: Batteries and Electrical Pt 1

Sometimes, auto repair isn’t scheduled, but it is also not unexpected if you know how things work. This article will cover batteries and electrical problems with your vehicle.

Battery Replacement in Arizona

Battery Replacement in Arizona

Get Battery Replacement Mesa us

Arizona has one of the most extreme climates in the US. With temperature extremes of well over 100 ° in the summer, one of the pieces of advice that a lot of people spout is: “but it’s a dry heat.” Dry heat can definitely cause your battery some problems here in Arizona, ultimately leading to battery replacement.

Let’s say you are from out of state and you shelled out some money for a brand new heavy duty battery, then you moved to Arizona. Make sure you keep your receipt. Why? Well that battery that is guaranteed for five years is actually going to start to lose power after just two years here. A battery that’s three years old is ancient by Arizona standards. It’s the heat you see that is the root of this problem.

Auto Repair in Mesa: Your Battery Won’t Last Forever

Your battery won’t last forever, particularly in Arizona. The Arizona heat bakes moisture out of us, our pets, and the plants, car batteries are no different. You run your A/C in your car, it pulls from the battery. You play your stereo and charge your phone, some more energy is drained. Bit by bit your battery’s charge gets smaller. Then one day, you turn your ignition and you hear one of the sounds that people hate to hear: a rapid clicking sound, or a low murmur when you try to start your car.

Even if you have a charger or jumper cables, unless it’s really too far gone, your battery can be temporarily charged, however, it won’t keep a charge past a few days, and then you’ll be out of power again. If you need to replace your battery, get it into a repair shop in Mesa.

This concludes part one of our series. For more information on auto repair, be sure to read part two and part three as well


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