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Are Tune-Ups Necessary Any More?

We often get asked “are tune-ups necessary?” After all, vehicles have changed a lot. They are more durable than vehicles of even a couple of decades ago. Well, for the record, yes, they are very necessary.

Why Should You Get a Tune-Up?

First off, a properly maintained vehicle actually saves you money. It’s a choice of paying a huge amount of money when parts wear out and the engine starts to go, or a small amount of money and have your car be fuel-efficient, run well, and be more reliable. During a tune-up, spark plugs are replaced, which helps your car to not sputter. This may not sound like a problem, but when your vehicle starts missing that means there is no fuel in the cylinder, and if a piston comes down the wrong way, it can blow your cylinder head gasket.

In addition when you take your car in for a tune-up, your car’s systems are checked over, including things that most people forget such as hoses and filters.

What does a tune-up entail? Usually a tune-up is where a vehicle’s parts are inspected and replaced if necessary, particularly parts that are meant to wear out such as an oil filter. Also, important features are checked such as timing and to make sure that the vehicle is running normally. There are a lot of benefits of getting regular tune-ups. Better fuel economy is one reason, and considering how much gas is nowadays, that is a key reason. Your gas mileage can increase by up to 12%. Tune-ups also help to prolong how long a vehicle stays on the road. Another question we’re asked is “when should I get a tune-up?”

When Tune Ups Become Necessary

If you’re filling up your tank more than you should be, that is a clear sign you need a tune-up. If you’re actually looking for a mileage benchmark, a good rule of thumb is every 30,000 miles.

Having a vehicle means freedom. So keep your freedom by keeping your car running smoothly. Get a tune-up today.


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