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All About Tires Part 1: When to Replace Your Tires

Part one of a series on replacing your tires explores some common questions regarding tires as well as some common misconceptions.

Tire Replacement: Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

Tire Replacement: Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

Rotate and Change Your Tires Every 7500 Miles

Tire rotation is something that a lot of people neglect when they bring their car into an auto repair shop. If you do it properly, however, it has a lot of benefits to offer. First off, one myth that a lot of first time car owners have about tires is the belief that all a car’s tires wear evenly. However, if you learn anything from this article, know that your tires do not wear out at the same rate.

Front tires wear out quicker than your rear tires do. It makes sense if you think about it. First off, your primary brakes are located on the front two wheels. Your engine, which is easily the heaviest piece of your car puts more weight on your front two tires than on your back two. Every time you hit your brakes, your car moves forward just a bit. So, it is a good idea to get your car into an auto repair shop in Mesa to rotate your tires. If you have both the tools and the skills to rotate your tires yourself, remember to rotate them diagonally, not straight back. So your right front tire should be rotated to your left rear wheel, and vice-versa. If you need more reasons to rotate them, read on.

Tire Rotation: Rotate Tires and Save Some Money

If you do a tire rotation properly, the life of your tires can be extended as we’ve already noted, but did you know that it can also help to improve your gas mileage as well? Also rotating tires helps your car to be a lot safer particularly when you’re accelerating and turning. How often should you rotate your tires? Your owner’s manual is the final word on this, but as a rule, you want to rotate your car’s tires every 7,500 miles or every six months.

As to when to replace your tires, that’s even simpler. Your auto mechanic can use a caliper or probe to see how deep your tread is. When the tread starts getting around 6/32, that’s a good time to replace them. Tires with lower tread or bald tires, are basically tires that are ticking time bombs that can cause a blowout

So remember, take care of your car and it will take care of you too by getting you where you need to go. So rotate your tires with the help of a Mesa auto repair center.

This concludes part one of our series on tire replacement. Be sure to read part two and part three as well